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a woman holding a fish

At Townsville’s Barra Fun Park we want you to experience the thrill of hooking a barramundi when you visit. To help we’ve put together some top tips and insight into barra fishing in our dams.


Top Tip #1

  • Remember to keep your bait active by slowly winding it in. Barra won’t eat bait that has sunk to the bottom.

Top Tip #2

  • Fishing is a patience game and sometimes their bite rate varies. If you’re struggling to catch take a break, enjoy our other activities and try again later.

Top Tip #3

  • Barra don’t have any teeth, but they do have spikes. To handle them safely please hold them in the mouth and under their belly.

Top Tip #4

  • If using your own gear, please remember that we have a minimum of 30lb braid in our family dams and only allow single hooks with squashed barbs.

Top Tip #5

  • Let the barra take your bait before you reel in. That way you’re more likely to hook them.

If you need help getting fish off or are a first-time fisher and need help casting your line our friendly staff are here to help. All our passes include rod hire and bait for the day. Book your next visit today!